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Deuteronilus Mensae

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Deuteronilus Mensae is a region on Mars 937 km across and centered at 43.9°N 337.4°W. It covers 344°–325° West and 40°–48° North. Deuteronilus region lies just to the north of Arabia Terra and is included in the Ismenius Lacus quadrangle. It is along the dichotomy boundary, that is between the old, heavily cratered southern highlands and the low plains of the northern hemisphere. The region contains flat-topped knobby terrain that may have been formed by glaciers at some time in the past. Deuteronilus Mensae is to the immediate west of Protonilus Mensae and Ismeniae Fossae.

Deuteronilus Mensae

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Deuteronilus Mensae

The Hanging Crater

Queen Amytis had her Hanging Gardens in Babylon, and Mars has its hanging crater! This impact crater appears…