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Soffen impact crater is a 58 km large complex impact crater and centered at 23.5° S, 140.8°E on Mars. The Terra Cimmeria region is part of the old, heavily cratered southern highland region of Mars. Compared to surrounding craters, Soffen is relatively well preserved, showing a sharp rim and some terraced walls. The crater floor shows a smooth topography and appears to have been partly filled by windblown sediments. The central peak looks strongly brecciated and faulted and is bounded to the east by a 6 x 4 km large depression, forming a central pit suggesting the presence of volatiles in the subsurface.

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Soffen Crater Floor

Dr. Gerald A. Soffen (February 7, 1926 — November 22, 2000) was a project scientist for the NASA’s Viking program of Mars landers.