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The planet Mars has two permanent polar ice caps. During a pole’s winter, it lies in continuous darkness, chilling the surface and causing the deposition of 25–30% of the atmosphere into slabs of CO2 ice (dry ice). When the poles are again exposed to sunlight, the frozen CO2 sublimes. These seasonal actions transport large amounts of dust and water vapor, giving rise to Earth-like frost and large cirrus clouds.
The south polar permanent cap is much smaller than the one in the north. It is 400 km in diameter, as compared to the 1100 km diameter of the northern cap. Each southern winter, the ice cap covers the surface to a latitude of 50°. Part of the ice cap consists of dry ice, solid carbon dioxide.

Martian polar ice caps

Dark Light
Fans and Polygons

Fans and Polygons

This is a place where fans emerge relatively late in the Martian spring from polygonal cracks owing to the process of sublimation.